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Where did this one come from?

I have no idea if this is an official Microsoft commercial (seems like it), but I like it.  The song is great, and the story they create to show off all the different consumer devices MS offers is endearing.

Zune’s Recommendations software gets kudos

From Wired:

“While iTunes serves up a text list of recommended songs within your library and from the iTunes store, adding to the more basic recommendations its MiniStore feature used to make, Zune reinvented the recommendation concept by collapsing artists, albums and fans into the same recommendation engine, more accurately mirroring the way people think about music… It’s undeniable that Zune’s music recommendation interface is far more evolved than Apple’s Genius. What’s less clear is whether that matters, given that so many more people use iTunes.”

Microsoft goodness

All kinds of goodness from Microsoft recently.  I thought I would throw a smattering of links up and perhaps something will catch your attention.

The Zune is getting an upgrade!  The new feature that I am most excited about is being able to get suggestions on the device for other songs that you might like and then being able to stream directly from the Zune marketplace while using WiFi on the device.  Also great about this – all Zunes will get this update  (even the v1 Zune).  Yay!  Music happiness awaits.  (Now if only they would make the Zune Marketplace available in Asia).  I bought my Zune in the US and had to change one of my PC’s regional settings so that I could utilize my Zune Pass.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is available for download.  So anyone who wants to get a sneak preview of Microsoft’s newest browser, head over there.  IE vs. Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari vs. Opera…


Microsoft Research has released Photosynth.  It stitches together your photos of a place; it’s able to tell where the edges are, where buildings and objects line up, and then it puts it all together to create an interactive “photo…”  Hard to explain, go over to the site and see.  Probably one of the most well-received technologies from Microsoft in the past year.

The second commercial in the new Microsoft branding campaign is out now.  I like it.  Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld attempt to get to know a family by living with them.  I can see the gist of where this campaign is going.  Seems like they are trying to show that PCs are for everyone and that they help with good, common everyday activities.  (This is just my speculation).  Anyway, the commercial is funny so it’s worth watching just for that.

A voice of reason

A good opinion piece:

Inspiration IS  LEADERSHIP. Rallying people to help their fellow citizens so they might improve their lives and the lives of the less fortunate,  IS LEADERSHIP.  Having the intelligence and imagination to foresee trouble and avoid, or defuse it, those are qualities above those of experience that doesn’t inform good judgment.

The Democrats should listen

The Democrats should really adjust their strategy.

John Scalzi sums it up:

Please accept that the GOP SOP is to win by any means necessary, and that they’ve cultivated an entire generation of political strategists and media lackeys who can’t think in any other way, and whose allegiance to the party is reflexive and far stronger than their interest in things like facts

Google turns 10

Google was incorporated on September 7, 1998.

MSNBC has an article about Google being the “world’s most powerful 10 year old.”

Song for Debbie Wong by The Karl Maka

I like the band The Karl Maka (hello Jon), and I like Debbie.  The band performed “A Song for Debbie Wong” recently at Baybeats.

Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld

Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld star in the new series of commercials for Microsoft.

Sarah Palin’s beliefs

Sarah Palin believes in teaching Creationism, she is pro-guns, and she also believes that global warming is not caused by humans.

What amuses me is that there are people that would read the above and yell, “Yes!  She is definitely the one I want in office!”

McCain cancels on Larry King

Amusing.  McCain’s campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds appeared on CNN for an interview with Campbell Brown.  She pushed Tucker to provide an example of one decision Palin made as head of the Alaska National Guar.  Tucker did not.

In retaliation for what the McCain camp thought was out-of-line interviewing, they have withdrawn John McCain’s appearance on the Larry King show.

See the clip of the interview and read more details