Fast food and senior citizens

Sitting in Orlando International Airport, waiting for my flight to Washington DC and the impending 10 year university reunion.  How exciting!  Scenes from Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion and Grosse Point Blank are flashing through my mind.

It was a pleasant few days in Florida.  I find that I sleep much better in my Florida home than I do in Singapore.  Deep, deep sleep that is punctuated by frequent vivid dreams.  In a way I feel like my brain is more alive and generating its own stimulating thoughts when I am home in Florida than when I am in Singapore… where I’m usually so tired that I’m just dealing with whatever external stimuli is making its way from my nerve endings into my head.

I wonder if it’s a lifestyle change that I need to do in Singapore or if it’s something more physical – like just getting a new bed or making sure I put my earplugs in at night (I’m a very light sleeper).

Anyway, I learned something about myself when I was in Florida.  The learning?  I get frustrated when taking senior citizens to fast food places.  I took my uncle and aunt (both 70+ years old) to Checkers Burgers and Backyard Burger.  Watching them go over the menu was an exercise in patience – more than 10 minutes were needed for them to parse through the various combos offered and what ingredients were in each burger.  Note – they have eaten at Burger King and Mcdonalds numerous times so it’s not like they are new to the concept of fast food and packaging a burger, fries, and a soda all together.  It was as if they felt that if they made the wrong order, the world would end.

Aside from my fast food flip-out, I really enjoyed my time in Florida.


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  1. Posted by Jessy on September 28, 2008 at 10:48 am

    Lol, bless you…


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