The Democrats should listen

The Democrats should really adjust their strategy.

John Scalzi sums it up:

Please accept that the GOP SOP is to win by any means necessary, and that they’ve cultivated an entire generation of political strategists and media lackeys who can’t think in any other way, and whose allegiance to the party is reflexive and far stronger than their interest in things like facts


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by alan on September 10, 2008 at 2:33 am

    Sometimes I look at your blog and read your thoughts and wonder if you too should take heed Scalzi’s words Mr. Lo. Are you looking at the facts when you comment on things like Sarah Palin and McCain or are your reactions to American politics a ‘knee-jerk’ reflex created by your dislike of a certain ideology, person or party currently in the US?


  2. Fair statement. However in this case I would say “no,” not a knee-jerk reaction. I’ve never affiliated myself with any political party (in fact I voted for Ralph Nader, of all people, back in 2000…). I was supportive of Bush’s decision to send the military into Afghanistan after September 11, and I felt that he did as much as could be expected in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

    When it comes to Palin and McCain, the way they are campaigning I feel is disrespectful to the general public and are manipulating the truth. The reason I linked to the article is because I do feel the Democrats need to adjust their strategy to effectively counter.


  3. Fact: Sarah Palin’s experience consists of being the mayor of a very small town and the governor of a very small state.

    An example of the McCain’s team manipulation of facts… they cite Palin’s “international experience and visits” counting her stopover to refuel in Ireland.


  4. Posted by Alan on September 11, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    Well I can’t despite the facts you have presented but I would say this – True Palin’s experience does consist of governing a comparitively small city and state but many of the skills and qualities needed to lead a small community are no different from leading a large one. I would be foolish to suggest there is no learning curve but on thw whole leadership skills for a small or big organization are the same.

    I agree with you though that manipulation and distortion of facts is plain wrong.

    I am saying all this because honestly, I find all the hype and pandering to Obama camp a little concerning. I think Obama is a good man but I am concerned that people may not be thinking clearly with this election. My feeling is there is too much of a ‘band wagon’ and knee-jerk – ‘he is our saviour from the past eight years’ reaction. This worries me. Like Isaid I think Obama is a good man but he is not saviour. Likewise I think McCain is a good man.

    I have read several celebrity (yes you are somewhat a celebrity Howard) and feel uncomfortable with what seems like their ‘knee-jerk’ reactions and the amount of influence they have. Sure this is your blog and you can advocate swimming naked in jello if you like but don;t be surprised if someone leaves comment contrary to you ideas. Its the benefits of the internet afterall…see? Its not just a huge porn repository afterall


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