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Guys and their age

How timely.

I posted an excerpt from Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs a few days ago; today there is an essay written by Coupland regarding how men view their age.

‘Gen X’ author tells how guys really view age

I recommend reading Coupland’s latest novel, The Gum Thief.  It also deals with aging, what-if’s, and moments left unseized.

So true’s latest comic titled “Regrets”:

Come and go

I got this note last week from a colleague in a different country.  We used to chat on messenger quite frequently.  Lost touch the past couple of years.  Makes me a bit sad.  I guess being at the company long enough to see new hires turn into experienced hires and then exit the company while I’m still here gives food for thought.

“Hi Howard,

Today is my last day at Microsoft.

Just want to say Thank you. :)

Thanks for everything that you take care for me when I was a student.

Thanks for encouraging me when I joined Microsoft.

Thanks for being a tour guide when I visited Singapore.

We may not have chance to meet again.

However, I will always remember there is a good person who helps me a lot. :)

Have a good day!”

Singapore’s population

From today’s Straits Times:

SINGAPORE’S population now stands at 4.59 million.

It grew by almost 200,000 between 2006 and last year, with foreigners accounting for the bulk of the increase.

The number of foreigners – professionals, workers, students and their family members – rose 14.9 per cent over 2006 to hit 1,005,500 in June last year.

It was the first time the population of foreigners here has crossed the one-million mark.

The population of Singaporeans and permanent residents also rose, to about 3.58 million, up from 3.52 million in 2006.

The figures were given in the Yearbook of Statistics 2008, released yesterday.

Women outnumber men slightly – 1.80 million to 1.77 million.

The statistics also showed a marginal increase in the number of births and marriages.

The number of births last year went up by over 1,100 to 39,490.

The number of marriages was up 260 from 2006.

The 23,966 marriages registered were the highest number in five years.