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So the violence in Iraq may be abating… the Iraqi government is taking firm control and can begin planning for the future.  Rebuild the country!  Kickstart the economy!  Bring peace and order to the nation and ensure that the Iraqi people have a bright future.

With much chagrin, I read this article:
Baghdad plans to build giant Ferris wheel

“The Ferris wheel, dubbed the Baghdad Eye, will soar more than 650 feet over the city and feature air-conditioned compartments that would each carry up to 30 passengers, Baghdad municipal spokesman Adel al-Ardawi said Wednesday.”

The reasoning behind this is apparently to promote tourism.

Clearly they have not been following the first year of the Singapore Flyer… I don’t think that would be labeled a success… and it’s the world’s largest ferris wheel built in a cosmopolitan modern city.

The chances of a large ferris wheel attracting tourism (even domestic tourism) in a war-torn country seems minimal.

Shouldn’t they spend their money on something else?