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September Travel

Last night I was booking more travel.  My 10 year university reunion is coming up, and I consider it a once-in-a-lifetime moment to go back and see the old friends.  Those who knew me when I was younger…

Plus I’ve fallen in the trap of movies dictating to me what momentous life occasions are.  They seem to hype reunions… to see who has changed, who is still fat, what happened to the class clown, who got unexpectedly rich, etc. Perhaps a reunion is a physical indicator that time has passed – looking at the friend you used to hang out with every day, years later, to see the wrinkles and lines… well, that has to be a wake-up call.

Anyway, since I will be traveling to the US, I thought I would slap a few trips around it.  So September will bring me to Florida, Washington DC, New York City, Frankfurt (debating if I want to actually get off the plane there), and one other European destination.

It’s a toss-up between Lisbon, Portugal or Llubjlana (sp?), Slovenia.  Anyone been to either place and have arguments for or against?  I figure this trip will be a birthday present to myself.  A correlation with last year’s trip to East Timor (a former Portuguese colony), I could see the true architecture and culture of Portugal…

Time for lunch.

Me and the fish

I wonder why it is that humans love being near water.  Ocean, lake, river, stream… property is most desired when it’s overlooking a body of water.

So here I am in the Maldives.  Sitting outside on the villa’s deck, looking down at squid, fish and other aqua beasties swimming below me.  Perhaps if I am not so lazy later I will don mask and fins and go snorkeling.  Stepping off the deck leads me immediately into a mass of coral.  Though the water is so clear here I don’t see a need to get wet when I can simply look down.

I’ve grown to enjoy beach vacations.  Primarily because there is nothing I must do.  A totally blank slate when it comes to activities for a day.  The most rigorous decision I need to make is whether I want to go eat or get back into the bed.

And the joys of wireless internet!  In the past I may have felt a little strange about bringing my laptop on an escape, but now… I admit to myself that I enjoy using the computer, I enjoy being connected, and it enhances my vacation when I can get online.

Look forward to more posts of me doing nothing in the Maldives…