Why I’ve been so quiet

Various reasons, some exciting happenings, some not so great.  Ultimately it’s because I’m rapidly turning into this man:

I bet this man does not have a blog.  If he did, I would like to read it.

“Got so mad at the lawnmower I blew it up with my shotgun.  Neighbor across the street yellin’ at me to not drink the whiskey in front of her kids.  I should shoot her too, shut her trap.  I love George Bush and God bless the USA.  I got the right to bear arms, constitutional item #4 gives that to me.  So boo-ya.”

One response to this post.

  1. I used to get very mad at my neighbour because her wet mop will be dripping water onto my nearly dried clothes.

    Lots of crazy neighbours around. My friend and her family are constantly tormenting their neighbour by poking fun at his name and other stuff, and they even got the police in.


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