On the airplane, winging my way to Dubai. Flying over Pakistan at the moment – for some reason I expect to see explosions, guns, and Bin Laden running around when I look out the window but instead I see… nothing. That’s my media-generated, American short-sighted, literal 30,000 feet up view of Pakistan.

I brought my Zune MP3 player and have had Death Cab for Cutie on repeat for the past 4 hours. I am sad that I won’t be able to attend their concert in Singapore when they come in August. Instead I will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Funny that I really like them now compared to when I lived in Seattle… they played seemingly every weekend and I don’t think I ever saw them (wait, I think I saw them at a festival one year, but only briefly).

Checking the weather in Dubai, it says that it is 33 degrees but that it “feels like” 48 degrees Celsius. For those of you inclined to Fahrenheit, that translates to about 118 degrees. If I happen to have a spare egg in my pocket I’m going to see whether it will actually sizzle on any asphalt.

Maybe all these Death Cab songs are making me feel melancholy, but I keep thinking about life in Seattle and how I seemed to have much fewer worries than I do now. Perhaps as one gets older it’s natural to be involved in more activities, worry more about career, fret about the future… or maybe I had a simpler time back there.

Anyway, here are some places I’ve tried out recently that I have been happy with (and no, this is not an “advertorial “).

Charlotte Tattoo & Hair – I went for the haircut, not for a tattoo (though one day!). The shop is at the ground floor of Sunshine Plaza, and the hairstylist is a lady named Vivian. 18 bucks for a haircut, not bad! Not a hurried 10 minute job but a thorough good haircut.

Basil Alcove – They have re-opened in slightly bigger digs at Fortune Centre (man, I really hate the British spelling of Center… it has always bothered me, but I force myself to spell it that way since I am living out here, after all). The chef, Xander, has started up a Sunday brunch. I went yesterday by myself and whiled away some time reading a magazine and trying out the various breakfast entrees. Eat hearty.

In a sudden announcement last week, I learned I am getting a new boss at work. That always brings about uncertainty, so I’m sure this week in Dubai will be interesting as I get to know him and his work style.

Based on this blog entry, my brain is all over the place.

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  1. Death Cab’s Transatlanticism album is actually one of my favorites to hear on planes, despite all the nasty things I’ve said about them. Might actually go in August if still available.

    You should check out my hair guy at Fortune Centre, his name is James and I think the salon is called ‘Spakks’ (pronounced Sparks). Aside from the unfortunate name, he really does a good job for about $25. Seriously old-school professional, he takes like 45 minutes on each customer and does a perfect job.


  2. Posted by talk19 on July 8, 2008 at 1:51 am

    James is the one who usually cuts my hair too – he used to be in Sunshine Plaza and I followed him over to Fortune Centre after the move. I agree that he is also great; he definitely takes his time and is meticulous with the hair. I think I will alternate between Spakks and Charlotte.


  3. Oh good! Yeah I found him when he was at Sunshine too, and it seems he was over at Peace Centre before that. I haven’t been back recently since I don’t have too much hair these days and a 10-min haircut usually works.


  4. this blog has already checked to see whether an egg will actually sizzle on any asphalt at 49c in Muscat Oman
    http://blog.omanholiday.co.uk/blog/_archives/2008/5/18/3697233.html about Oman


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