Going to the desert in July

Anyone been to Dubai?  Recommendations on places to see?  Types of food to try?  I will be there for 4 days in July (hello blazing heat!).

Thinking about heading down to Oman after the Dubai work trip however am unsure whether that would be a wise thing to do given the incredibly hot weather.  From what I have been reading, it’s simply unbearable to be outside, and I would feel silly sitting going there simply to sit inside watching the hotel television.

It looks like Yahoo has agreed to a deal with Google.  This should be an end to the rubbish idea of joining Yahoo and Microsoft together.  I am happy about this.  Not that I think Yahoo’s people are untalented, I simply didn’t believe that the two companies could fit together.  Too much overlap, different technology stacks, etc.

Of course Fake Steve Jobs (writing under the guise of Jerry Yang), has an insanely funny entry regarding the recent debacle.

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