Worldwide Telescope and video in Messenger

New releases on the Microsoft front that I think are interesting.

Worldwide Telescope
From Seattle Times:
“Microsoft Research is launching a free application today that lets people navigate deep into the universe and view galaxies, nebulae, planets and other celestial objects through the lenses of the world’s best observatories.

The WorldWide Telescope draws on more than 12 terabytes of imagery — bigger than the print collection of the Library of Congress — from several orbiting and land-based telescopes.The desktop application downloads the images on demand and stitches them together to form an interactive, browsable universe supplemented with information from top astronomical databases and guided tours that put it all into context.”

A planetarium on your PC.  Play the soundtrack from 2001 and have fun zooming in on planets, asteroids, nebulae, black holes, and everything that floats above us in that big black space.

Download it from

Messenger TV

I haven’t played with this one yet – basically you can watch videos via your Messenger client while chatting with others who are watching the same video.

Interestingly, the service is available in 20 countries, including Singapore, but it is not available in the United States yet.  Finally!  We get a Microsoft release before the US does!


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