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Is Google stumbling?

BusinessWeek has an article about the recent woes plaguing Google.

Aside from ads, I’m still not sure how Google makes any money. I suppose there is so much money in online advertising that perhaps one doesn’t need additional revenue streams.

But who is clicking on those ads? I estimate I have only clicked on 10 ad links in my lifetime of internet usage.

Grand Theft Auto IV is almost here!

Kotaku has one of the first hands-on experiences with the game.

It sounds very, very good.  Though I am concerned about the changing camera angles that might happen during gameplay.  That could be disorienting.

Ban laptops from meetings?

LA Times wrote about the trend in banning laptops and gadgets from meetings.

While I concur that it’s annoying to be talking or trying to listen in a meeting and hear the person next to you typing away, I think the real problem is that frequently meetings have no purpose or have the content presented in a manner that is not compelling for the attendee to pay attention.

Star Wars Kid

I know this video is years old.  However, some videos stand the test of time.  This one will always be funny.  Billions of years from now when humanity is long gone from the planet, aliens will stumble upon the “Star Wars kid” and have a chuckle.

I can’t believe I went on Wikipedia to read about the Star Wars kid.

Transient Workers Count Too

Bernard commented in my previous post – “Think global, act local.”

Conveniently, just as I was reading that, I received a message from a friend regarding the organization TWC2 – Transient Workers Count Too.

They look like a very positive organization. I’ve always been shocked at the terrible treatment that many overseas domestic workers get while in Singapore.

You can help immediately – they have started The Cuff Road Project to assist migrant workers in distress (basically by feeding them). The Straits Times ran an article about about the 50 Indian workers who are living on Cuff Road after being duped by agents that brought them to Singapore.

TWC2 is also campaigning for a weekly day off for migrant domestic helpers. To the overseas folks back home in the US (or perhaps to even people here in Singapore), this might sound silly at first glance but it’s actually something I’ve had a lot of discussion about.

I remember one of my colleagues hiring a domestic helper (for those back in US – domestic helper is like a maid but not only do they clean, they are tasked with all kinds of responsibilities such as cooking, grocery shopping, taking care of the children, etc.) and mentioned that in the contract the domestic helper has NO DAYS OFF for at least the first year of employment.

I asked why he didn’t just give her a day off of his own accord, but his “argument” (if you can really call it that) was that it was in the contract, so why would he do something different than what the contract has stipulated?

Imagine how tough that must be. Already in our relatively cushy jobs we quest for the weekend, complain about stress, grumble when we disagree with our boss, etc. Think about if you had to live at your workplace and from your waking hours until bedtime, you were always “on the job.” And then to never have a day off… no socializing with friends, no getting away for free time, almost no life.

I think I’ll look into TWC2.