Morton’s Seattle vs. Morton’s Singapore

With the MVP Summit coming to an end earlier today, I found myself with some free time in the early evening.  One activity I am fond of doing in Singapore is participating in the practice known as “Happy Hour.”  Specifically at Morton’s.  Morton’s is known as a steakhouse, however I don’t go there for dinner.  I go for the happy hour specials.  From 5 to 7 pm martinis are discounted and free filet mignon sandwiches are provided.  Delicious!

Much to my delight, there is a Morton’s 1 block away from me, here in Seattle.  A few of my colleagues were up for a drink so I suggested Morton’s.  I was curious how the happy hour here would compare to the Morton’s in Singapore.

Martini Price
Seattle – 13 USD (no happy hour discount)
Singapore – 8 USD  (5 – 7 pm happy hour discount)

Filet Mignon sandwiches
Seattle – Burnt toasted bread with a sliver of steak cooked rare.  The bread is thick and lengthy.  The steak is… the size of a US 50 cent coin.  It is small.  Mayonnaise and mustard are the toppings.  Plenty of sandwiches were provided.  You could take more than one at a time, and they came around frequently (every 10 minutes or so).

Singapore – Very lightly toasted sesame seed bread with steak cooked rare.  Bread is thinner but same size length-wise.  Steak is slightly bigger than the bread, so you get a piece with every bite.  Mayonnaise is the topping.  Depending on the day, the sandwiches can be hard to come by (every 20 minutes).  You can only take one per serving.

Overall the Singapore branch of Morton’s provides a better happy hour experience.  The martinis are cheaper and the steak sandwiches are meatier.

4 responses to this post.

  1. hmm, i just popped by morton’s sg on monday and we each took a couple per serving. so it’s quite funny hearing about the one per serving rule. anyway, i now have a fear of steak sandwiches.


  2. pork the other white meat.


  3. Thanks for the review, will be popping over Mortons tonite! :)


  4. Love Morton’s :-) Usually I make it down on a Friday, but just have to make sure you get there as close to 5 as you can since it fills up really fast.


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