As I type this I am whizzing somewhere above the Pacific.  I could select the map on the Singapore Airlines KrisWorld system to find out exactly where, but it’s more fun to guesstimate.  After all, I have at least 7 hours more on this flight so why not try to turn everything into a game.  Am I above Japan?  Guam?  Somewhere near the Arctic?  Who knows!

I had a sad realization a few minutes ago.  There are days in Singapore when I am more sedentary than sitting on a 16 hour flight.  In the past 7 hours of the flight I have gotten up at least 4 or 5 times (don’t fret – I’m in an aisle seat so I’m not bothering anyone), paced around the plane, and loitered in the lounge area in the back.  Compare that to a day in Singapore where I sit in my desk chair, use the computer, turn to watch the tv, and turn back to the computer.

No wonder I feel unhealthy.

Movies watched so far: Walk Hard (not as funny as I would have hoped), There Will Be Blood, and Juno (for the 3rd time).  2 Days in Paris is on the screen now.

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