Los Angeles International Airport

Usually when I have to fly to Seattle, I fly from Singapore – Los Angeles – Seattle.  The nonstop Singapore to Los Angeles is lovely.  Sadly, the route to Seattle is marred by going through Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Airport’s terminal 3 is worse than East Timor’s’ airport.  Note that this includes the Timorese refugee camp that sits on the airport grounds.

Why is it only the US airports that make one take off their shoes when going through security?  (Do they do this in Europe?  They don’t in Asia).

American Airlines also needs to get its employees up to speed with what codeshare flights are.  I went over to Terminal 4 since my flight to Seattle was issued as American Airlines flight 6800.  Tried to check-in using the self-service terminal but the terminal states that I need to go to Alaska Airlines since they are the ones operating the flight.  Fine.

American Airlines agent pulls me aside and tells me instead to wait in the line for the American Airlines service counter.  I explain to him that the machine (and printout from machine) says to go to the Alaska Airlines check-in, which is in Terminal 3.  The agent insists I wait in the American Airlines line.


I wait.  It doesn’t move.  20 minutes pass.  I become agitated.  Another American Airlines agent comes and asks me why I’m in line.  I tell him that I am checking in for my codeshare flight.  The agent then looks at me as if I have the intelligence of a squashed ant (which is how I feel after 16 hours on a plane with very little sleep) and tells me that I shouldn’t be in line and I need to be over at Terminal 3 checking in with Alaska.  As I thought.


On a totally unrelated note, do you know that you can set Windows Vista to display an additional clock that displays when you hover over the time in the taskbar?  It’s a nice way to be able to keep track of what time it is in Singapore and what time it is in my present location.

To activate it:

1) Left-click on the clock in the taskbar
2) Select “Change date and time settings”
3) Select the “Additional Clocks” tab at the top of the displayed dialogue
4) Enable “Show this clock,” select a time zone, provide a label, click OK


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Char on April 11, 2008 at 9:56 am

    In Nov 2004, when I went through the customs of Seoul International Airport, everyone had to take off their shoes for security checks. There were snaking queues, and lotsa flusters – passengers, who were on flights departing soon, were jumping queues. Has things changed?


  2. Posted by Milene on April 12, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    You were obviously terribly bored that you needed to rant it out to ‘someone’. How rare it is that you actually blog about your life and not post a political article and make a political remark.

    Good good. Keep it up. You do want a blog that’s all rounded by covering aspects of live, don’t you? I mean, after all, blogs are also called online journals/diaries. (Knowing you though, I’m sure you’ll contest that statement)

    In response to your entry: Blame your fellow country men for being inefficient and foolish (as you put it)I suppose?
    Americans.. sigh.


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