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Update for Mac Office 2008 available

Update available for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. (12.0.1)

Increases stability and fixes some syncing problems with Entourage.

The trouble with politicians

New York governor Eliot Spitzer is known for rooting out corruption and being a high-minded individual.

But looks like he was caught with a prostitute. Repeatedly.

While it’s bad enough that this shows his hypocrisy, he’s also married with 3 kids.

Ah… politicians!

The Science Fair

Ah, the good old days of junior high… when we had to participate in the Science Fair. What’s that? You don’t know what a science fair is? Basically every student had to explore a scientific theory and build a model that illustrates it. I remember thinking I would make a volcano that erupted… using a D-type model rocket engine to simulate the sparks and flames. Sadly I never built it and I don’t remember what my actual science fair project became.

Meet some science fair kids…

Bye Dungeons & Dragons

Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons has died.

My low-level thief acrobat with the adamantium claws like Wolverine mourns.

(Comic from

Texas and Ohio

I see Texas and Ohio decided to remain the butt of American jokes by doing this:

Hillary Clinton scores wins in Texas and Ohio

Fortune articles on Jobs and Apple

Fortune has recently run a couple articles on Steve Jobs and Apple.

The Trouble With Steve Jobs – gets into the options backdating that was found at Pixar and Apple as well as some insight into Steve Jobs.

What makes Apple golden – details how Apple is one of America’s most admired companies.

St. Andrews Cathedral makes it to the list

St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Singapore is on the list of 1,000 (Colorful) Places to See Before You Die.

Admittedly I know nothing about who / what organization compiled this list, but they do make it look gorgeous.

Singapore is the best place for Asians to live

From the annual survey conducted by ECA International.  Their research is used by companies worldwide in assisting employees working overseas.

From today’s Straits Times article:

“ECA recommends that companies do not need to pay any ‘hardship’ allowances to their workers assigned to Singapore. This allowance, which can comprise up to 30 per cent of an expat’s salary, is paid to workers in countries where the standard of living is lower than in their home base.”

I post this blog entry because every time I talk about how Singapore is a great place to live, locals tend to look at me like I’m on crack.

(Note – while I do believe it’s a great place to live, the increasing costs are getting out of hand)

Chillicothe, Ohio

Voters participating in the Democratic primary in Ohio.

Singapore Airlines nonstop to US going business

A sad day for the economy class traveler… the nonstop flights from Singapore to Los Angeles and Singapore to New York are eliminating economy class and will be all business class.

I wonder how they will maintain business class service for that many business class travelers aboard one plane.  Include more flight attendants on each flight?