Recently I’ve been throwing more money at the stock market. I use the term “throw money at” since it evokes an image of dollar bills fluttering all around while the target stands in the middle and watches the bills fall to the ground. I believe I’m single-handedly responsible for the rebound the market has undergone the past 3 days. Why? Because that’s when I finally decided to buy into funds that short the Hong Kong market and the S&P500. Try to profit on the sinking market! That idea has turned around and punched me in the gut. Good thing money is running out, this means I won’t be able to afford food and will lose a little weight.

Speaking of the stock market and gambling, I am going to Macau for a quick trip to see family. Staying at the new Venetian hotel. I hope it is as grand and interesting as the Las Vegas one and that the gamblers are a little more social than the normal players you find in Macau. My memory of last year’s trip was of grungy looking older folks communicating via cigarette smoke rings and inarticulate snorting. No one drinks alcohol, no one talks to the dealer, everyone just looks at their money. It’s all about win, win, win. Shows? Restaurants? Ambience? Who needs them!

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