Resizing images on a Mac

I’ve been using the iMac for 2 months now and realized that I hadn’t resized a photo on it yet. I had copied a few large photos onto the desktop and wanted to e-mail them to a friend – of course I didn’t want to blow up her mailbox with 2 meg files, so I thought I would quickly resize the images.

Looking through iPhoto and Preview, I couldn’t find any option to resize image. Annoying.

Turns out the way to resize a photo is to use iPhoto and then File / Export the image. At that point you can resize it.

Not intuitive nor user friendly.

Update: Thanks to June for pointing out my idiocy – there is an “Adjust Size” option in Preview under the Tools menu. My cursory search online led me astray.


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  1. Posted by june on March 3, 2008 at 1:48 am

    Actually, you could just use Preview. Under the Tools menu, there’s an Adjust Size option. You might want to recant that last comment about “Not intuitive nor user friendly”. Surely you don’t want to look like a guy who’s just dissing a mac because he works for Microsoft.


  2. Posted by bumbye on March 7, 2008 at 10:08 am

    I use DroPic. If you don’t care about exact pixel size, you can just drag the .jpg onto the icon and it adjusts to small, medium, or large.


  3. Hi,
    I posted an article back in January about resizing images in iPhoto. There is an easy way to resize an image for emailing: simply select the ‘Email’ button at the bottom right corner of the iPhoto window (I use iPhoto ’08, I’m not sure if it’s different for earlier versions).
    A pop-up box appears and you can select a file size: ‘Small’, ‘Medium’, ‘Large’ and ‘Actual Size’.
    Select ‘Compose’ and the Apple Mail program launches for you to send your message and photo.
    Hope this helps.


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