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Comments on Straits Times

I find the comments in Straits Times frequently amusing:

The comments below are from a letter to the newspaper demanding an explanation for how Mas Selamat Kastari (a leader of the terrorist organization Jemaah Islamiah) escaped from prison on a trip to the bathroom.

“Latest comments

Despite all the rhetoric played up in the press-‘no stones unturned, search going down to grass root’ etc, we are still confronted with the cold fact each moring that the JI leader is at large. I tend to agree with some writers to this forum that we have been outsmarted by less academically inclined but street smart fellow. Though I hate to admit, one escapee has incapacitated our brilliant network of security. The strong points in Singapore are also our weakest. Having been working in Hong Kong for over 1 year, I found myself often outsmarted by Hong Kong colleagues who ignore the systematic approach I adopt and shame me by getting better results.

Posted by: emptytalk at Sat Mar 01 10:03:47 SGT 2008

i want to resign

Posted by: ToiletCOMMANDINGOFFICER at Sat Mar 01 09:37:55 SGT 2008

No, he watched Toilet Break Season 1 n 2

Posted by: ToiletCOMMANDINGOFFICER at Sat Mar 01 09:36:50 SGT 2008

I think we must let the Government come clean with the details of the escape of this most wanted man. The public deserve the full story. But, as usual, no one will take responsibility and resign. Just too much money on the table to quit over an escape and to ruin one’s iron rice bowl. Stay tuned.

Posted by: headsets at Sat Mar 01 09:36:40 SGT 2008

He must have watch Prison Break Season 1 & 2.

Posted by: circletram at Sat Mar 01 09:35:56 SGT 2008″

"We Are The Ones"

Obama is definitely getting the celebrity backing… here’s another video featuring a variety of music and Hollywood stars talking about what they want and what they believe Obama can bring:

I can’t believe that I’m going to highlight Jessica Alba’s quote, but it does sound good. “I would like the rest of the world to think highly of our amazing country.”

I would like myself to get back to thinking highly of our amazing country.

In random other tidbit – Kerry Washington (who is in the video and is an actress – notably played the wife of Ray in “Ray”) and I went to the same university and worked as orientation counselors together.  It’s nice to see her in this video.