Tag Hi 5 Meme

Tagged by Joan (though I’m not sure what exactly a “Hi 5 Meme” is).

5 things found in your bag: (Since I am a guy I am going to substitute “pockets” for bag)

1. HTC Touch Dual
2. Wallet (given to me by the co-founder of Circos.com and a former Microsoft colleague)
3. Keys
4. Paper towel (I don’t usually have tissue packets, so I carry around a paper towel… I don’t re-use it…)
5. Creative Zen Vision:M MP3 player

5 favorite things in your room:

1. My bed
2. My clock-radio
3. Figment from EPCOT Center
4. Books that sit nearby the window
5. Okay, my bedroom is pretty bare so I’m just listing the things that happen to be in it. I was going to list “clock radio” again for #5 but really, it’s not one of my favorite things.

5 things you have always wanted to do:

1. Learn Mandarin
2. Go to Llubjana, Slovenia
3. Write a novel
4. Feel well-rested
5. Learn how to play Weezer’s Acapulco on guitar (or their demo version of it, “Puerto Vajarta,” which is actually better)

5 things you are currently into:

1. My new iMac
2. Demetri Martin comedy videos
3. New job at work (Microsoft)
4. Trying out different types of sake
5. Becoming a better writer

5 people you want to tag:

I don’t know their blog addresses so this tag-a-thon is going to die with me.


One response to this post.

  1. Die with you?! How tragic. I can teach you mandarin. *snigger*


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