Re-synchronize Outlook with Exchange calendar

I checked my calendar in Outlook this morning and saw, to my horror, that my meetings and appointments were not showing up on my main work machine. The calendar appointments were still on my Exchange server as I could see them via Outlook Web Access, and I was also able to see it in the Entourage calendar on my iMac.  I was perplexed why the appointments weren’t showing up in Outlook.

Also worrying was whether this meant a lot of my other calendar appointments were out of sync – could I trust the calendar on that machine anymore?  Instead of trying to figure out what happened and how it got out of sync, I decided to just wipe out the calendar and have it resynchronize with Exchange.

The link below provided quick steps for how to do that:
Resynchronize Outlook with Exchange

I don’t know why the calendar appointments disappeared in Outlook on that machine.  I have a feeling it is related to syncing the Entourage calendar with iCal… there have been reports of losing contacts and calendar appointments when sync’ing on the Mac (but those have also involved sync’ing with .Mac, iPhone, and iCal all together…)


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  1. Posted by Steve E on March 20, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    Link is now dead (20th March 2013) :-(


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