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Grand Theft Auto IV

The next game I am eagerly anticipating.

Walkthrough of a demo


Mac OS X 10.5.2 available

Mac OS X 10.5.2 update is available for download. (Link to Ars Technica)

Apple’s official page for the update.

Go home for dinner

An interesting (public service?) commercial about Chinese New Year and Reunion Dinners.

This commercial was filmed in Malaysia.

Gong Xi!

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you… may the Year of the Rat turn out to be prosperous.

As a westerner, it’s odd to be wishing happy new year to people so soon after the January 1 new year. In Singapore though, I feel like Chinese New Year is much more impactful. Perhaps because it lasts 15 days (with the first 2 seemingly the most important), but primarily because people seem to really be involved in it.

The common activity of going visiting… to eat reunion dinners with family and friends… it has a very positive feel to it. I’m sure it gets tiring (based on the complaining I hear about having to go visit relatives they rarely talk to), but overall it’s a good time to shut out distractions and focus on friends and family.

I spent the first few days of Chinese New Year catching up with friends at night, relaxing during the day, and eating fried chicken. Good times.