That’s a good apology

Microsoft had announced red 80GB Zunes that would be customized for Valentine’s Day.

However, there has been a shortage of the 80GB Zunes, and it looks like not everyone that ordered one will be receiving it by Valentine’s Day.

While it’s disappointing and never good to screw up a customer’s order, Microsoft is giving the Zune FREE to them because of not being able to deliver on February 14. That’s quite a good apology.

A Zune 80gb costs upwards of USD 250.

I wish they would hurry up and make the Zune available in Singapore (and have agreements in place with online music stores) as I would enjoy the subscription music services. Or at least I think I would.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I hope by the time Zune appears in Singapore, they will have sorted out all the Zune device Vista drivers issues.

    I have a Zune 1.0 with the latest Zune software but my device refuses to upgrade its firmware.

    KB – hasn’t been helpful


  2. Music and entertainment, your way. That’s what the Zune 80 GB Digital Media Player is designed to deliver. The Zune easily connects you with your music, videos, and pictures wherever and whenever you want, and unlike the iPod, it even has a built-in FM tuner so you can keep up with local news and sports. Your Zune gives you the power to wirelessly share full-length tracks, playlists, pictures and podcasts with your other Zune-wielding friends. And when you receive songs that you just can’t get out of your head, you can easily tag the songs and buy them the next time you sync up. Whether you’re listening to music, radio, or rocking out to the latest music videos on the bright, roomy screen, the Zune allows you to tailor your entertainment, right in the palm of your hand.


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