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That’s a good apology

Microsoft had announced red 80GB Zunes that would be customized for Valentine’s Day.

However, there has been a shortage of the 80GB Zunes, and it looks like not everyone that ordered one will be receiving it by Valentine’s Day.

While it’s disappointing and never good to screw up a customer’s order, Microsoft is giving the Zune FREE to them because of not being able to deliver on February 14. That’s quite a good apology.

A Zune 80gb costs upwards of USD 250.

I wish they would hurry up and make the Zune available in Singapore (and have agreements in place with online music stores) as I would enjoy the subscription music services. Or at least I think I would.



Six months ago I never would have thought that America was ready to elect a black man for President of the United States.

But here we are in 2008, heading down the home stretch and the most viable candidate, daresay really the only choice, is Barack Obama.