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Valentine’s Day horror

I find it amusing that on a web page of reader-contributed Valentine’s Day horror stories, every single contributor is a female.  Perhaps the site where the readers are from only has female members, but I would use this as an example that Valentine’s Day is definitely aimed at females who buy into the whole nonsense.

On a separate note, I found this to be amusing.


Foreigner on Singapore

Visitor’s view on Singapore

I agree with a lot of his views.

I think that Singaporeans tend to have a more negative view of their country than foreigners living in it.

I think Singapore is better than the majority (if not all) of the American cities.  And I scoff at the folks from Singapore who want to retire in Sydney.  I can’t fathom why they would want to.

Good reasons to postpone buying the Macbook Air

Seth Weintraub provides very logical reasons on holding off buying a new Macbook Air.

I just need to keep re-reading this everytime the idea of purchasing one starts popping into my head.  Rumor has it that Apple re-sellers in Singapore will have it available starting tomorrow…

Indie Pop Rocks!

My favorite internet radio station: Indie Pop Rocks! on SomaFM.

Nonstop music goodness (when my bandwidth doesn’t drop so slow that all I get are 5 second chunks of music then buffering).

They have 10 other stations (so 11 total) that you may want to check out.

I also miss the days when Pandora was available internationally.

Review of Visual Studio 2008

For you developers out there, InfoWorld has one of the first full reviews of Visual Studio 2008.

I am curious about its support for Silverlight development.

How to present like Jobs

Snagged this from Fake Steve Jobs. 

BusinessWeek had a communications coach analyze Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote and created a 10 point framework you can use to improve your own presentations.

While interesting and useful, I can’t imagine one delivering presentations like this in a small conference room during a typical work day.