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My pretty Apple iMac

About 3 days ago I bought an iMac. Since then I have heard numerous wisecracks about how I work for Microsoft and that this is blasphemy for me to be using an Apple. In response I say that Microsoft makes the most-sold software for the Mac… Microsoft Office (of which the 2008 version is just a few days away!). At least I think it’s still the top selling software package for Apple computers.

Anyway, it has been interesting trying to learn how to navigate the Mac. Let me state immediately that all the talk about Macs being more user-friendly and intuitive is a bunch of nonsense. I don’t think it’s because I am trying to switch over from a PC and need to change my thinking. One example… when using tabs in Safari, one has to use a 3 key combination using two hands to change between tabs while in Internet Explorer (for PC) you can do a 2 key combination that only involves one hand.

Also – the idea that Macs “just work” and have no issues does not seem true. I’ve had 1 total system hang and 3 crashes of applications (admittedly 1 crash was using the beta remote desktop software).

But I don’t really want to talk about the bizarre usability choices that were made in some of these software applications. I want to talk about how much I enjoy using this iMac. The intangible appeal of it… it really does connect on some emotional level. Maybe it’s something as simple as the big bright screen, but there is something appealing about sitting in front of the Mac and typing happily away on the keyboard. I even find myself using the dumbed down “basic” mode for Outlook Web Access instead of using the full-featured desktop client Outlook that I have running on my PC.

I’m using ecto to write this blog entry; I was looking for something that would compare to Windows Live Writer, and I guess this is supposed to be the closest thing.

If anyone can tell me the keyboard shortcuts to restore / maximize a window after it has been minimized to the Dock, I would be very appreciative.

Leopard is not a keyboard shortcut friendly operating system.

Anyway, back to staring at the pretty screen!