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Oh, Saudi Arabia, you’re so silly

A Saudi blogger has been detained for interrogation.

I wonder how different Saudi Arabia is from Afghanistan when they were ruled by the Taliban.

Buffet strategy

I tried this strategy to maximize the Fullerton buffet during New Year’s Eve.

I dunno… results were mixed.  I think I filled up on liquid (it was free flow Taittinger champagne), so didn’t eat as much as I would have expected.

Banned in Singapore

From today’s Straits Times – a small article about blocking internet sites:

“In S’pore and elsewhere

SINGAPORE’S Media Development Authority requires the three Internet Service Providers here to block about 100 websites, including those carrying pornographic and extremist content.

But the block is ultimately symbolic, as it is almost impossible to control everything that is on the Internet.

Other countries also try to filter out not just pornography on the Web, but also content that their governments deem dangerous to social stability.


    China-specific content is particularly sensitive. Beijing’s Ministry of Information Industry blocks websites including those of the Internet telephone company Skype and BBC News. Wikipedia is closely monitored. ISPs are also required to record data about their users – such as identity, length of visit and activities – for at least 60 days.


    The ruling junta maintains one of the world’s most restrictive systems of control. The state-owned Myanmar Posts and Telecom blocks websites such as Gmail, Hotmail and Skype, as well as independent news websites reporting on Myanmar, such as Irawaddy, Mizzima News, BurmaNet, Times of India and Asia Observer.


    The country targets websites that cover opposition groups and regional political and human rights issues. The government’s Internet Services Unit blocks sites about sex education and family planning, pornography, gay and lesbian issues, and alcohol and drugs.


    The government blocks access to online gambling, and to sites that teach Web surfers how to circumvent the ban.”

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