Happy new year!

Goodbye 2007 – it was an eventful year.

I don’t know why I focus on destinations and travel so much, but the first thing I think about when looking back on the year is the places I have been.

I remember landing, bleary-eyed and fatigued in San Francisco and going straight to meetings for Circos. In Seattle I had my usual burger and beer at Six Arms and pancakes at Zeena. I burned myself alive in the hot springs near Fukuoka and slept on a tatami mat in Hoshino. I bought a tuxedo when I arrived in Boston for a best friend’s wedding the next day (and wore that tux in “An Excuse to Party”) and drove my dad’s car back home in Florida. I met a girl in the catacombs of Paris, stayed in the Latin Quarter, and ate steak tartar on a daily basis. Egg tarts were my food of choice in Macau and Big / Small was where I won (and subsequently lost) my money at the gambling tables. Kuala Lumpur I flipped out at the taxi drivers and refused to get ripped off – and ended up walking to my destination (which turned out to be only 3 blocks away). I drank coffee at a café in Dili and spent my birthday under Portuguese architecture in East Timor. I used the internet and downed Pina coladas by the ocean in Bali and ate massive lobster sashimi recently in Bangkok.

Ha, it looks like lots of my memories are what I was eating and drinking in those places.

Anyway, 2008 is going to get off to an exciting start. More travel! More plans, more opportunities… for Microsoft I am scoping out initial plans that will take me to China, Korea, Taiwan, and India in the next couple of months and for sure there is a trip back to the US in April. Perhaps 2008 is the year I will finally make it to Cambodia (for some reason I have always had the idea that Battambang must be a lovely river-side town)… and I think I want to go back to Disneyworld when I am home in Florida. I miss Disney.

Time for New Year’s Resolutions! At work we try to make goals that are “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-based, Time-specific). But, since new year’s resolutions aren’t about work, I’m throwing SMART out the window and just giving some broad-flighty-probablyunachievable resolutions.

  • Learn Chinese (this one repeats itself every year)
  • Do well at work (yes, it’s broad, but so what)
  • Buy a present for my sister (since she always does for me)
  • Clean up the apartment
  • Cook more
  • Write more

I shall update that list as time passes.

Happy new year!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by bumbye on January 2, 2008 at 8:05 am

    Your sister thinks her brother is the coolest ever.


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