An Excuse to Party

I’ve just spent 20 minutes washing molasses out of my hair.  Molasses that has been in my hair for the past 5 hours.  Have you ever had dried molasses (and flour) in your hair?  It doesn’t feel good – though it does give me some type of crusty sheen.

Why did I have molasses in my hair?  Because it’s one of the ingredients of fake blood – which I spatter all over myself in the play An Excuse to Party.  (Though if you came on opening night, I didn’t use any blood… let’s just say the play is constantly evolving even after opening night).

We have had two performances so far, and they have been wildly different from each other.  It’s definitely interesting (to me) to experience first-hand how a story can change due to subtleties and the interactions between the cast members on that specific day of performance.  Same script, same lines, but new tone or action lead to a very different dynamic between the cast which makes the story take on a different feel.

We’ve had a few glitches and dropped lines that caused us to also improvise a bit onstage.  That has been amusing and is one of the more interesting situations to be in.

There are two more performances left – Sunday afternoon (December 30) matinee at 3 pm and Sunday night at 8 pm.  So if you’re interested in seeing a story about 3 different couples arguing, bonding, and learning on their New Year’s Eve, come check it out.  You can buy tickets here.  (Click on ticketing info).  It is a little pricy, at 38 sgd, but don’t blame me… it’s the production side deciding on that price!

Go on a date.  See the play.  Feel cultured.  Walk over to TImbre afterwards.  Have a pizza.  Have a drink.

At the least you’ll get to see molasses and blood dripping down my face.


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  1. Posted by Gary on December 29, 2007 at 10:09 am

    Damn! I came on opening night and missed the fake blood…Regardlesss, I thought the play was interesting, except that it was really too short and didn’t manage to explore the characters more fully. It would have been interesting to have an “act 2”. The 3 characters could come together to share their experiences, or the impact of their encounters could be further explored. Nice effort though. It’s amazing that you managed the time to practice for the play while balacing a full time job and your other interests.


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