How I spent my Christmas

Was I surrounded by sugarplums and elves, wintergreen and mistletoe?  Did Santa come sliding down the chimney to fill my stocking with holiday cheer?

Were there candles burning bright on a table… with roasted turkey and cranberries and egg nog a-plenty?


I was dealing with the “Squeal of Death” and “Display Driver Stopped Responding” (nvlddmkm) issues on the computer.

After installing a Creative Labs X-Fi soundcard and new 5.1 speaker system into my main desktop, it occasionally locked up with this high-pitched squeal of death.  Highly annoying.  And ear-drum damaging.  Searching the internet it seems like many people have this issue with nForce motherboards and either the Soundblaster Audigy or X-Fi soundcard.  Even after installing the latest Vista driver for the soundcard, it still produced this squeal.  However, I went into the BIOS settings, enabled “using Plug & Play OS” for the PCI slot and disabled the serial port so that no IRQ gets assigned to it.  Since then… no squeal of death has brought my PC to its knees.

On my Windows Media Center, I installed additional memory and “upgraded” it to Windows Vista.  Now I have no sound in Live TV and the screen blanks out and resets every 20 seconds due to the display driver issue.  I have yet to find a solution – this morning I wiped the machine and started over with Vista again.  Let’s see how it goes…

All these computer problems make me think Santa is not happy with me.


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