So it’s almost Christmas

So it’s almost Christmas, and I haven’t been around.

Since getting back from East Timor, life has been a whirlwind of activity. I find that amusing, as I consider myself someone who likes to do… nothing. Laying on the sofa, staring at the ceiling, listening to music as time whiles away…

But there is another part of me that is always curious towards new experiences – it must be the part that makes me constantly shrug and say, “Yeah, sure, why not? Let’s see how it goes.”

I think that shrug has served me very well over the years.

I can’t believe that 2007 is almost over.

Let’s see, since I last wrote, there are a few new activities going on.

I’m in a play! It’s called “An Excuse to Party” and it will be held at The Arts House from December 27 – 30. If you are in Singapore during the holiday period, come on down and see me take to the stage in my acting debut. Whether or not I’m any good remains to be seen. The play is about three couples on New Year’s Eve… examining how some relationships start and some fall apart.

For those of you who are less theater-inclined (I imagine almost everyone would raise their hand to acknowledge this), I’m co-hosting on Channel News Asia for a few episodes. It’s season 2 of, and we are focusing on topics geared towards young adults. It’s a talk show / discussion format and you can join in on live chat when the show airs as well as catch up on past episodes (there have been 2 already) via the website. It’s also co-hosted by Phin Wong, who is incredibly witty and funny; it’s fun to watch him work his magic with the guests.

On the career side, I have a new position with Microsoft. I’m in that interesting period where one is eager about getting a new role but also stressed about ramping up and learning a new area. This may mean more travel for me next year – focusing on the Asia region. Perhaps a sign that I should seriously consider improving (or learning) my Chinese.

Lastly, I’m moving… blogs, that is. I’ve been testing out a few blog engines, and these days I tend to do more “quick hit” postings. Putting up links to articles or stories I find interesting. I’ve found that the Writer software combined with WordPress works well for this.  So goodbye Moblog.

Have a read, leave a comment, see what’s new. 3 cheers for 2007 going out with a bang, and lots of hope for 2008 to be a stunning year.


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