Computer weekend

This weekend I have been trying to upgrade my main desktop computer.  I bought 2 additional gigabytes of memory and stripped my old desktop of its Creative Labs X-Fi sound card.

Popped it all into the main desktop.  This brings it to 4 gigabytes of total main memory, however due to the 32 bit OS (Windows Vista), it’s only able to utilize a little over 3 gigabytes of it.  This article explains why.  Still, that additional 1+ gigabyte is making a noticeable performance increase.

Sadly, the soundcard… while working, has just highlighted that my computer speakers are all messed up.  Only sound in the 2 front speakers and nothing else from the subwoofer and rear speakers.  I think the cable is messed up; I’ve been crawling around the floor trying different cable combinations and eliminating what might be broken.  Bah.  It’s time for upgraded speakers anyway.  I wish they had wireless systems so I didn’t have cables covering the floor.

Yes, this is how I’m spending the weekend before Christmas.  Aside from heading out to play rehearsal.  What happened to some fun??


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