Sunday articles

On this Sunday afternoon, I thought I would read some articles that I had bookmarked in the past.

First up – an article about what really is the American middle class?  Surprisingly, some people who make over USD 200k a year still consider themselves middle class.  Certainly location would play a huge part in that.

“One trend that is all but universally accepted is the widening wealth disparity between those at the very top and bottom. Even as incomes in the middle have gone up, the gap between richest and poorest has gotten wider — both in America and around the world. That means that those at every level see more wealth flowing to people in income groups above them. And that could help explain why, even as everyone’s standard of living is going up, many of those in the middle feel like they’re falling behind.”

China’s women are are in no hurry to get married.  There are now 20% more men than women in China.  So what do the men think will attract the women?  “Now… maybe the house… and the car… are the most important things.”

So what happens to a soldier when he returns to his job after Iraq?

The rest of the articles I were reading turned out to be stories in the odd happenings vein.


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