Gore, Facebook, Home Server

A few random links that I’ve read today…

Going After Gore – Article from Vanity Fair that analyzes the media coverage of Al Gore during the 2000 presidential campaign.  It’s also the first time where Gore talks about that coverage and how it affected his family.  Scary to think about how much influence just a few members of the media can have on a presidential election.

Windows Home Server review from AnandTech.  Finally – streaming media, backup, and administration for my cluster of computers running at home.  I’m looking forward to this Microsoft product.  While SQL Server, Visual Studio 2008, and other productivity applications are launching this year, they’re not exactly the most exciting things to be running at home.

Facebook attracts developers and controversy.  At a going away party last night, I spent at least an hour talking with various people about Facebook.  A sign of success that so many people are able to take this online activity and have it be an offline interaction point as well.


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