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Fake Steve Jobs takes on the Linux fanboys over China

Fake Steve Jobs discusses the recent Microsoft decision to lower the price of Windows in China.  Apparently some Linux fanboys view this as cheating and ‘dumping products on the market at far below cost.”

“For the record, the real reason Microsoft got a foothold in China is that they invested in the country. They built research labs, hired Chinese people, helped the Chinese build an ecosystem of third-party software companies. And before you go crying about that being “unfair,” take note — it’s exactly what IBM has done in BRIC and elsewhere, building labs to push Linux”

“Freetards, face facts. You’ve lost. You’ve had sixteen years to try and build a desktop operating system, and you still can’t get your shit together. Nobody wants your software. It’s not Microsoft’s fault. It’s yours. Because trust me, if you truly developed a kick-ass OS with tens of thousands of drivers and easy installation and reliable performance, you’d be winning. But you’re not. Firefox caught on, right? Why? Because it rocked.”