The Fat Man

Recently I have been speaking frequently with my landlord. I’ve had a few problems in the apartment – multiple shattering light bulbs, issues with the kitchen, and other general maintenance.

To help with these problems, she sends a guy over here to try to help fix them. We’ve attempted to fix the kitchen lights together, but neither of us were able to so an electrician is coming tomorrow.

Anyway, what I find amusing is that my landlord used to refer to this guy as her “friend.” i.e. she would say, “I will call my friend to help u fix up 2morrow.”

Recently she has started referring to him as her “fat man.”

“I cbeck with the eletrician and if he’s available, I ask my fat man to standby.”

Admittedly, the man is rather large.

I don’t know whether to laugh at her calling him “my fat man” repeatedly or feel awkward about receiving such politically incorrect messages.

Political incorrectness is usually funny.


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