Singapore Global Ranking

Straits Times compiled a few statistics to emphasize that Singapore is ranking high in various categories.

  • #2 in the world for nightlife and dining according to the Global Country Brand Index.  #1 is Italy and #3 is United States.  I find this interesting as young locals (20 – 30-somethings) frequently talk about how the nightlife here sucks and how there is tons more to do in other cities.  I have always disagreed with this – Singapore has very diverse nightlife options.
  • 3 local restaurants in world’s top 100 – British magazine “Restaurant” ranked Iggy’s 60th, Les Amis 83rd, and My Humble House 94th.  I rank Sing Ho Chicken rice #1 because I can get garlic-flavored rice and delicious steamed chicken for 3 bucks, but I suppose I am probably using a different criteria than “Restaurant” magazine…
  • 8th in top 10 travel destinations list – Ranked by the World Economic Forum, whose Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report checked out 124 territories
  • 17th Most Livable City – Ranked by British lifestyle magazine “Monocle”
  • 34th in quality of living – Best among Asian cities.  This was ranked by Mercer Human Resource Consulting

Not too shabby for such a small country, eh?

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