Starting position in SIRF Technologies

On July 16 I purchased 215 shares of SIRF at 23.27.

“SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc. (SiRF) is a supplier of global positioning system (GPS) semiconductor solutions designed to provide location awareness capabilities in high-volume mobile consumer and commercial applications. SiRF offers a range of GPS chip sets and software products for high-volume GPS markets.”

Basically they make the GPS chips that will fit in small handheld devices such as mobile phones.  And that sounds like a market that will go up, up, up!

At least I hope… their stock price has been rather volatile.

I also made my first stock option purchase (also with SIRF).  Call options costing 1.60 expiring on September 22 at 25.  Thought it was time to get my feet wet in the options sea.

On a sidenote, Microsoft Money is demonstrating some weird glitch where stocks that are at a gain are showing a loss on the portfolio.  What a terrible bug!


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  1. Your investments are obviously the kiss of death for any company :)


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