Cheap-ass packaging

I hate programs where during install they try to sneakily add another piece of software to your install.

For example – Adobe’s Flash Player:


There are programs that are much worse than this (RealPlayer is one that used to be rife with additional software), but I think it detracts from a company’s reputation when they try to bundle someone else’s software in with their own.  And they’re not straightforward about it.

What the heck does Adobe Flash Player have to do with the Google Toolbar?

I feel like I’m at the supermarket and just purchased apples only to find out they slipped toilet cleaner in my bag which then spills all over the apples and I only discover it after lugging the bag all the way back home.


One response to this post.

  1. This is why I’ve been boycotting Adobe. Their flashplayer program is even worse than Photoshop. And all that malware that it comes with is even worse.


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