Heh. Americans are fat.

Straits Times ran an article about how fat is perceived as beauty in Mauritania.

“Other cultures prize corpulent women. But Mauritania may be unique in the lengths it has gone to achieve its vision of female beauty. For decades, the Mauritanian version of a Western teenager’s crash diet was a crash feeding programme, devised to create girls obese enough to display family wealth and epitomise the Mauritanian ideal…

Girls aged five to 19 had to drink up to 19 litres of fat-rich camel’s or cow’s milk daily, aiming for silvery stretch marks on their upper arms. If a girl refused or vomited, the village weight-gain specialist might squeeze her foot between sticks, pull her ear, pinch her inner thigh, bend her finger backward or force her to drink her own vomit. In extreme cases, girls died.”

American women are still fatter than women from a country that force feeds its females.

“The same 2001 survey that documented overfeeding estimated that two in five women were overweight – not high by American standards, where government surveys show nearly three in five women are overweight – but remarkable for sub-Saharan Africa.”


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