Archive for July 3rd, 2007


Sometimes the way things interact with each other show that the world is a very bizarre place.

Recently, my USB hub loses its connection with my USB keyboard and USB mouse.  I can unplug the USB cable and plug it back in, but it still won’t re-enable the mouse or keyboard.  Instead, I have to unplug the main USB cable connecting the hub to my PC, plug it back in, and then everything begins working again.

Now, the bizarre thing is that the keyboard and mouse only disconnect when I receive or send an SMS text message on my mobile phone.  Highly annoying.  Sitting at the desk, doing some work, mobile phone by my side… an SMS comes in and it’s goodbye keyboard and mouse.

I don’t understand why it would only recently begin doing this.

If a SMS text message can disrupt my electricity-powered USB hub, what on earth is it doing to my brains?