Bill Gates’ Legacy?

Interesting opinion piece by John Foley of InformationWeek on the legacy that Bill Gates will leave behind.

“Gates will be remembered as an inspiring technologist and brilliant businessman who jump-started the commercial software market and populated the world with nearly a half-billion PCs, unleashing a wave of personal creativity and productivity on a scale never before seen.

Gates’ postretirement biography will have its share of ugliness, too–a decade-long spat with the open source community, monopolistic business practices that culminated in a U.S. government-led antitrust trial, buggy software that was easily exploited–but those will be footnotes when all is said and done. The good that has flowed from Gates’ Windows, Office, and hundreds of other software products far outweighs the bad.”

I agree with John’s last sentence.

Ilustration of Bill Gates by Dale Stephanos

Ilustration by Dale Stephanos


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