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Blue line to Wonderland

3 days of nonstop movement. Planes, trains, and automobiles – how appropriate as I watched that movie on the 18 hour flight over to Newark. 1 night in New York City, the Big Apple, catching up with old friends and good times. Little sleep, unshowered, unkempt, 48 hours in the same clothes I boarded a bus to Boston. Cheap and cheerful, the Chinatown bus to South Station.

A high school friend, who I haven’t seen in a decade, had a depressing yet poignant line. When asked, “So, how have the past 10 years been?” his response:

“The past 10 years have been underwhelming.”

It is cold in Boston. Ranging from slightly below 0 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees. The first step outside was like being slapped in the face by a brick of ice. Sunny, beautiful downtown with tourists walking the Freedom Trail. Oh the red, red color of Boston lobster.

Unsurprisingly there has been little sleep.

I was in Boston almost one year ago. For work. This time, one of my best friend’s wedding. What a beautiful affair – black tie (tuxedo), formal – held on the top floor of one of the tallest buildings in Boston. A cascade of food and drinks – filet mignon, sea bass, seared ahi tuna, chicken satay, open, open, open bar.

Apparently at weddings in the US, there is always notice of who has traveled the furthest to get to the wedding. Perhaps it’s a case of, “I love you this much that I will fly halfway around the world for you.” I won, coming in from Singapore. Someone else thought they came the furthest, traveling from Hong Kong, puh-lease. I think any time I want attention and validation, I will fly to the US for a wedding. Will always be the winner. The prize? Jet lag.

The tuxedo shirt has chafed the sides of my neck.

I’m getting older, my friends are getting married. I was one of the few singles at the wedding. What happens to friendships after weddings? Will I speak to her less? Will her priorities and viewpoints change? Am I now friends with her and her husband by default?

I left the charger for my MP3 player back In Singapore. What a sad realization that was, on the way to Changi airport. More than 60 hours of airports, airplanes, and transit wait for me and I’ll only have 10 hours of music. Must ration.

The Boston subway. Blue line to Wonderland. Get off at Airport station, flight to Orlando. Then, finally, home.

Wonderland, what a dazzling name for the end of the line.