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Airplane Tips

A few tips for people flying long distance:

1) Regardless how “cute” your kid is – if they are making noise, kicking seats, or doing any other behavior that wakes passengers up, they’re not cute. They’re brats.

2) Don’t jam your knee against the back of my seat and try to prevent me from reclining my seat.

3) Close the window shade so people can watch their video screens without the glare of the sun

4) In the middle of the flight, when all the lights are off and the crew is encouraging people to sleep, don’t open the window shade and wake the whole cabin up because you’ve

just let blinding sunlight in. Yes, when you see light from under the window shade, it’s daylight outside. Regardless of how dark it is in the airplane.

5) Stop flirting with the flight attendant and holding up my meal service.

6) Just because the alcohol is free doesn’t mean you need to drink as much as you can. That leads to going to the bathroom multiple times. And you’re in the window seat, jerk.

7) Headphones on = don’t talk to me.

8) It annoys me when you drop your pillow into my row while you’re sleeping – and then get mad at me when I try to hand it back to you.

9) Your arm does not cross my armrest repeatedly.

10) While the plane is boarding or disembarking, don’t stand in the aisle.