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Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square. I go to Sim Lim almost every weekend. Ever since I found out about the “secret” elevators, I have been using them to get up to the 5th floor computer game shops. However, this Sunday, for nostalgia’s sake, I decided to take the escalators up.

For those of you who don’t know what Sim Lim Square is, it’s basically a shopping mall dedicated to consumer electronics, computer hardware, and software. It’s a six story mall, rather old, and always crowded. The stores there are open to haggling, and what that means is that as soon as a merchant hears you speaking with a foreign accent, they’re going to go in for the kill and charge you more than any sane person should pay. There are lots of tricks they use, like tempting you with the camera you’re looking for at a low price, only to then tell you they’re out of stock and try to sell you something else instead.

Why, why, why do those Sim Lim retailers have to position people by the escalator? They whip out their 12×20 sheets of price lists and try to shove it at you as you’re getting on and getting off the escalator. So incredibly annoying. I don’t like the thought of paper scratches happening to me simply because I’m getting on an escalator. Plus the folks look insulted if you don’t take one of their sheets.

A better alternative would be to put up a kiosk on each floor and put the retailers’ brochures and price lists in there. That way the people interested in them can go and get one and the rest of us can be left alone. It’s not like the people on the escalators know which store is shoving the piece of paper at them anyway.

Once you find a shop in Sim Lim that you like and that has charged you a fair price, I suggest you stick with it. Two game shops I recommend would be Gamers Hub, on the 5th floor, and TecDrome, directly across from Gamers Hub. The employees are nice, helpful, and don’t overcharge. They’ll even help you find other places in Sim Lim to shop at for specific items.

For a cleaner, modern shopping experience without the haggling hassle, you might want to check out Funan IT Mall.