More fun with Singapore property

And by fun, I really mean, “Hey!  More reasons why I shouldn’t buy property in Singapore.”

Too bad Vietnam doesn’t allow more of their properties to be purchased by foreigners.  My dreams of being a Saigon slumlord shall remain unrealized for a bit.

More Singapore-specific resources to help you on your quest to own a home:

MoneySENSE Worksheet on Buying a Home & Taking a Home Loan – From the Singapore government.  PDF file aimed at first-time home buyers.  Its main message seems to be, “Don’t buy a home you can’t afford.”  Also explains using CPF for housing.

Buying A House – From the Central Provident Fund board.  Lots of links related to using your CPF savings to buy a home.  I particularly like the section, “What if I am bankrupt?”  Don’t worry, you can still use CPF to fund a HDB flat!

4 things you may not know – Article on CPF property rules.

Calculators – A smorgasbord of calculators to predict monthly installment rate, outstanding loan, home affordability, etc.

And for you non-Singaporeans reading this, one of the amusing ways in which people propose marriage in Singapore is to ask whether their partner would like to buy a flat.  In order to buy a  new HDB (government-subsidized housing) flat, you have to be married.  Romantic!


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