So a few things happened…

Life has scrabbled forward since the last post. Shinkansen opened! The Secret Mermaid opened! American craft spirits are now flowing from bottles at Ocean Financial Centre. Hmm, no wonder it’s been a few months since the last post.


TSM GraffitiWhiskey at the Mermaid

California Don Brown RiceFeaturedTSM

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Hello Santa, bring me a restaurant

Santa Claus is on his way, hopefully pulling something magical out of his sleigh. What is that thing I wish for? A successful start to my new restaurant.

Shinkansen is scheduled to open this Friday after a long delay.  After working through a few issues this is the home stretch; I can tell because I haven’t been able to sleep.  Lack of sleep combined with a recently bruised rib has made this a somewhat physically strained holiday season.

Our Christmas tree at home looks nice.


Oh ye of little updates. That ye being me. I’m not sure why I don’t blog much anymore. Can one outgrow blogging? I don’t think that’s it. Sure, like everyone I’m busy, but that’s also not it. Just something that has fallen by the wayside, which I regret. I use phone apps like Day One to record some thoughts down but they come in microbursts and are written primarily in the elevator between the floor I live on and the ground. Not a time for insight.

Anyway, another birthday has come and is about to be gone. I was thinking about my lack of interest in birthdays (mine or other people’s). Perhaps it’s a selfish way of thinking but instead of putting “me first” on only my birthday, I want to do that every day of the year! So the birthday becomes pointless.

What do I mean by “me first?” Ultimately it’s about owning my time. Being engaged in everything I do because it’s what I want to be doing at that moment. From the unproductive to the super-productive. It doesn’t mean I have to like what I’m doing; I just need there to be a point.

With that in mind, I’m off to play video games.

That reminds me of a chat I had today about growing old and being an adult.  There’s no such thing as an adult. We’re all just kids that become easily tired.

American Rye

Been busy these days immersing myself in American craft spirits for an upcoming project.  It’s fun; who doesn’t like a few drinks in the name of research?  Even better when you have a proclivity for drinking.

Anyway, while waiting for some other folks to get ready I’m alone at home drinking a Widow Jane Rye Whiskey and listening to The Byrds.  How much more American can you get?

A guide to introverts

This summarizes how to interact with introverts quite nicely.

12th & Broadway Diner in San Diego

12th & Broadway Diner in San Diego

My favorite restaurant of the trip so far. A no-name diner at the corner of 12th & Broadway at the edge of San Diego’s downtown. Ate there 3 days in a row. There’s something comforting about greasy diner food and unassuming places.

Here, there, and well maybe not there

I’ve been out of Singapore for 20 days now.  I think this is the longest trip I’ve had in… 10 years?  Since moving to Singapore.  Up, down, all around… in these 20 days I’ve been to New York City, San Diego, Anchorage, Portland, New York (again), and am now sitting in my toasty London hotel.

This must be what it feels like on those packaged tours that lead you through a city almost every day.  It’s a whirlwind of packing, airports, security lines, airplanes, taxis, trains, and hotels.  Throw in the random restaurants that have taken over as tourist sights and all I see are variations of the same thing in different cities.  It goes to show how similar the world really is.  Or at least the yuppie traveling that I am doing…

Using Yelp and friends I have recommendations of places to eat and things to see pouring out the wazoo… in a way I feel like the day of just wandering around and stumbling on things is almost over.  Now I’m perpetually looking at Google Maps to figure out how to get to my next stop and pre-occupied with a restaurant’s Yelp tips.  Aargh!  I should break myself of this.


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